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Later this morning ONS data will confirm Britain’s growth rate for Q2 2013. Mos expected quarterly rise of around 0.6%. But will it last? We are inviting experts in the field to comment on the recovery. On Monday  Kevin Daly  argued in favour of forward guidance. On Tuesday  John Van Reenen  of the London School of Economics set out some troubling trends underpinning growth in the UK. On Wednesdday, Jens Larsen of RBC Europe, called for a simple form of monetary-policy guidance. George Buckley of Deutsche Bank is next up. George Buckley is Deutsche Bank’s Chief UK Economist and also covers Scandinavia and Switzerland.
IN A little under two weeks the Bank of England will tell us how it plans on using monetary policy forward guidance to keep yields down across the curve and thereby support the economy.  But this is not a… Continue reading
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